Good typography
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Masks and Heads Made from Moveable Type and Steel Hardware by Dale Dunning
photos by Scott London

King Midas by Chris Walker

Environmental design project to promote reading in the Milwaukee community area. Inspired by the story of King Midas. Created in collaboration with Bryan Padovano & Hector Guerra.


”I am intrigued and mesmerized by the in-between state and by the fragility of the burned matches. The in-between is where the excitement happens, the point where the red heads turns to white before turning to ash, it’s the tipping point.”

Matchstick sculptures by Chicago artist Pei-San Ng.

Textured Sculpture type by Txaber

Evolution of Type, Exhibits 15, 18, 21 by Andreas Scheiger

Splinter by Arslan Shahid


Space Typography by Atelier Pariri

Yes or no? Sometimes it’s just a matter of point of view. Markus Raetz