Good typography
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Junjie Lim

"The Alphabet Series" is a part of Drew Europeo’s ”365 Days Projects.” Europeo wonderfully mixes lines, shapes and color to create different letters of the alphabet. Each one has a unique look but fits well inside the series.

To see the rest of the alphabet, visit Who Designed It?

Atomic 29 Typeface Design by  Maribel Gray

A sculptural typeface design. Twenty two of the letters were created as sculptural pieces out of copper piping. The rest of the letters were informed by the design of the initial letters. Included here are the final posters, a sculptural piece created from the individual letters, and the type specimen book.


Animals in Alphabet by Casey Girard

Found via The Behance Network on Tumblr

New York artist Tauba Auerbach is behind these typography-based works.

Type Fluid Experiment by Skyrill