Good typography
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Periplus by PintassilgoPrints.

I got rhythm, I got music, I got my swirls, who could ask for anything more? 
Periplus is quite an eccentric type, full of twists and nice oddities here and there. 
It is an all-caps font with 2 variations for each letter and number, stored at upper- and lower-case slots. 
For added amusement, every letter got not 1 or 2, but 4 swash variations. One can be reached through the OpenType swash feature: just select the letter and hit the swash button. The other ones you will access through a glyphs palette. All of them are neatly organized with the ‘access all alternates’ feature. 
The font is yet equipped with some stylistic alternates and ornaments. 
Have fun!

Get it here:

Rocca Typeface by Absolut Foundry.

Rocca Typeface, an authentic display fonts, especially designed based on victorian styles as we know like engraved curved, and sharp edge. With tuscan style in the uppercase makes this typeface is very typical of romantic, nostalgic, and sentimental. And repackaged with modern styles without leaving the basic patterns.

Get it here:



Never do The Same Thing Twice by dm2studios on Flickr.


The complete specimen for the “Stalker” typeface, complete with its “Creeper” variation. Designed and owned by Geoffrey Bunting.


Visual Text Project