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Branding Oldrich Sic Jr. by Wir Sind Schoener

Unpack by PintassilgoPrints.

Unpack is a soft and inviting face. It is available in two cuts, upright and slanted, both all-caps with 2 options for each letter for a nice uneven organic look. The family counts also with a picture font, loaded with some handy extras like banners, stars and ornaments.

This versatile family fits greatly many usages. Type some food name and you’ll get hungry, type a toy and you’ll want to play. Don’t believe it? You don’t even need to unpack it to try!

Get it here:

American Vintage Badges Part 4 - Opus Nigrum

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American Vintage Badges Part 4 - Opus Nigrum

The Best Mockup Templates Collection Ever - $93% off.

The best selling mock-ups around the web have been packed together in an amazing bundle and lowered the price to $29 for less than 2 weeks. 

These templates are easy to use, incredibly professional, and hugely varied – bringing you everything from business cards, to books, brochures, photos, stationary, real-life settings, hipster settings, tech devices, posters, notepads and much more.

If you’re familiar with mockup templates, then you’ll know that they’re the single most effective way to show off your design work. Whether you’re trying to impress a design client, or simply display your personal work in style, mockup templates are perfect. Take a chance to see all the mockups included and take advantage of this unique deal.

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Schwinn by Kevin Magic Lam

Expo 2015 | Quotes

#typography#art#graphic design#design#submission
Expo 2015 | Quotes

Expo 2015 | Quotes

#typography#art#graphic design#design#submission
Expo 2015 | Quotes
I feel love. Drawing across envelope and yesterday’s newspaper listening to 6music documentary on Giorgio Moroder - a true visionary
Rob Draper
Peace On The Streets by Will Pay
Fun poster that brings 3D, digital collaging, Scanning, and illustrating together.