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100 Ingimage fonts. Download it here:

Quiroga Serif Std by Fernando Díaz has a big discount.

Remember Quiroga font? was one of the best font of the past year in our list of 100 top fonts of 2013. The normal price of this family is $99, but now Fernando Díaz is making available for a big discount of 81% off. In case you aren’t sure to get it you can see more details on the link below. The legibility of this font is pretty good and the uses are pretty wide.

Check it here:

Core Sans D by S-Core.

From the creators of the large family of Core Fonts, the asian guys from S-Core brings you this new varian of Core typefaces (These guys made high quality typefaces even 2 of their fonts are in our list of the top fonts of 2013, Core Circus and Core Mellow).  

Core Sans D is sans-serif typeface, the key feature of this font is the condensed form and a large x-height, ideal for signs, and of course body text.

The family consist in 28 weights, including the italic variant of every weight.

Check all the beautiful details of this pro font:

Dawnora by Typomancer.

Inspired by aurora, one of the most impressive phenomenon. 
Dawnora is a spirited serif font comes with various weights and many opentype features, 
suitable for both simple text and elegant lettering. Especially, Initials style for drop cap and special usage.

Donwload it here:

Lichtspielhaus Handmade by Stefan Heubsch.

Lichtspielhaus Handmade is an ultra condensed handwritten typeface based on Lichtspielhaus. Influenced by the hand-painted signs on cinema facades of the early cinema days, Lichtspielhaus Handmade comes with 4 weights.

"Lichtspielhaus Handmade“ is the second part of a Type Noir Quadrilogy.

Download it here:

Bushcraft Font Family by Vintage Things.

Bushcraft is one of the Best handmade font . look great in the web and vintage looks

Bushcraft one
Bushcraft one shadow
Bushcraft tetxured
Bushcraft tetxured2
Bushcraft vintage 
Bushcraft rough 

Download it here:

Ornamental Fleuron Font - 96% off.

It’s amazing how a simple border or ornate element can completely change the feel of your design. With the right object, your otherwise flat sketch can blossom until an elegant work of art. And one of the easiest and best ways to pretty up your pictures is through Fleurons.

Derived from the French word for flower (“Fleur”), Fleurons are typographic ornaments that beautifully weave vinelike flowers and leaves together into perfect embellishment tools for any occasion. This beautiful bundle of 7 Fleuron sets from Wiescher-Design can help you add a touch of sophistication to your latest project. And you don’t need to be a millionaire to make your next project make you look like one either! That’s because for a limited time only, you can get this entire bundle of Fleuron sets for only $12!

Get it here:

Chimphand by One Fonty Day (50% off)

Chimp hand is organic, natural and contemporary handwritten typeface with their tall x-height. Weight of light, regular and bold for both normal width and condensed allow you to play with the typeface more. 
In addition, you will have access to their style sets ( Gap ) to add stencil ish character to every weights. This gap style is much more subtle than normal stencils, but unique and nicely fits to the typeface. Gaps are more visible on larger font and bolder weight. 
Chimp hand is good for any purpose, but works more on shorter text. 
Thanks and enjoy!

Download it here:

Cintra Slab by Graviton.

Cintra Slab font family has been designed for Graviton Font Foundry by Pablo Balcells in 2014. It is a slab serif, bold, geometric typeface with subtle rounded angles that provides a soft, pleasent appearence.

Cintra Slab consists of 4 styles.

Download it here:

Golos by Hiekka Graphics 

Golos is an sleek and authentic font face with two styles: regular and italic. Golos is recommended for use as a display typeface.

Download it here: