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Today We Escape by Pizzadude.

Today we escape has got rugged edges and a slightly worn surface without overdoing it. The lettes are ALL CAPS, but has got different lower- and uppercase. 

Today we escape comes with substitution characters for double letters!

Get it here:

Fela by Maciej Wtoczewski

Fela family was designed for books and posters for young children to gain high readability and nice feeling. Every glyph was hand drawn and shaped for better result. This typeface consists of different alternate glyphs with special automatic script, many special characters for different languages and pictograms

Download it here:

General by Juraj Chrastina.

It’s all about these subtle nuances that make a neutral sans typeface different. Pure geometry with a human touch is a recipe that works in every generation. Inspired by classical fonts from the early 20th century, General rides the line between traditional and modern styles. 
With its 5 light weights, the General family is a strong tool for a clean design.

Download it here:

Sofia Pro Soft Limited Discount (70% off) - $27 the whole family.

Whether you already have the successful Sofia Pro font or not, you’ll want to take a look at this Deal for its sister typeface. A softer, more rounded font, Sofia Pro Soft is a wonderful addition to any font collection. A more rounded version of Sofia Pro, Sofia Pro Soft features 8 unique weights, nearly 500 glyphs and 40+ different languages, not to mention a slew of OpenType features! Act fast, though, because for a very limited time, you can get the entire Sofia Pro Soft family for only $27.

Download it here:

Douceur by Hanoded.

Douceur (pleasantness in French) is an all caps, serif typeface with a flourish. It was created by hand in one go: no sketches, no try-outs. The font comes in two styles: regular (outlined) and black. Due to style naming issues, the black version will show up as a different font. Douceur comes with all diacritics

See more details here:

Lulo by Yellow Design Studio.

Lulo from Yellow Design Studio is a textured, retro, amazingly 3-dimensional font family. Endless effects can be created by adding different colors to each of the 5 stackable layers. Lulo is all-caps, and has subtle texture variation between the upper and lowercase characters so duplicate distressing in double-letters can be avoided. Other features include regular and bold weights, high-resolution texture that looks great even at large sizes, and extensive language support.

Because of its complex outlines, Lulo may process slowly in some applications.

Download it here:

Unpack by PintassilgoPrints.

Unpack is a soft and inviting face. It is available in two cuts, upright and slanted, both all-caps with 2 options for each letter for a nice uneven organic look. The family counts also with a picture font, loaded with some handy extras like banners, stars and ornaments.

This versatile family fits greatly many usages. Type some food name and you’ll get hungry, type a toy and you’ll want to play. Don’t believe it? You don’t even need to unpack it to try!

Get it here:

Quiroga Serif Std by Fernando Díaz has a big discount.

Remember Quiroga font? was one of the best font of the past year in our list of 100 top fonts of 2013. The normal price of this family is $99, but now Fernando Díaz is making available for a big discount of 81% off. In case you aren’t sure to get it you can see more details on the link below. The legibility of this font is pretty good and the uses are pretty wide.

Check it here:

The Inspirational Creative Font Collection (including webfonts + extras).

This massive font bundle brings you a stellar collection of 12 families of  best-selling creative fonts, with huge variety and endless creative potential. The bundle includes creative extras packs, web fonts and fully extended licensing. This is your chance to enjoy a mix of classic, enduringly popular fonts, as well as all new best-sellers, all for 92% off.

Check it here:

P22 Amelia Jayne by IHOF

Amelia Jayne is Ted Staunton’s updated revision and expansion of his own Amelia decorative cap font. Amelia Jayne started as a Roman font to accompany the Amelia initials but has taken on a new life as a Pro Roman font with small caps and several variations of new matching initial companion fonts. (The initials are not included in the pro font but come bundled with the set.)

Download it here: