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Random Pattern by Patrick MacomberTwitter || Source

Devil Is In The Details by Michael SpitzTwitter || Source

3,100+ John Forsythe’s Photoshop Text Effects Collection (63% off).

Adding text effects to any project is a great way to make things pop. Well, they proved so popular that not only did we bring the deal back, but it’s completely new. That’s right, you can get more than 3,100 All-New, High-Quality Photoshop Text Effects from John Forsythe in this latest collection.

  • 3,100+ Exclusive Text Effects
    Turn your words into pure art with John Forsythe’s amazing collection of Photoshop Text Effects. Not sure what you’re looking for? That is so not going to be a problem, considering you’ll get a whopping 3,119 text effects to choose from in this megatastic collection!
  • 12 Colossal Sets in 1
    Get 12 professional, high-quality Text Effect sets in 1 mega bundle! With your purchase of this Mighty Deal, you’ll get the following Photoshop Text Effects sets: Vintage Comics, Big League, Love Collection, Impressive Insets, City Lights, Might and Metal, Wild Animals, Weathered Woods, Spooky and Scary, Amazing Adventures, Spring Styles, and Small Fonts. 

Download it here:


Lee Logo by Nathan WalkerTwitter || Source


Vintage Labels by Yaniv Kamak.

You love vintage you love this. The vintage Labels complete set collection of 40 awesome vintage insignias/badges designed to use for any branding and identity product such as logos, stamps, stickers, badges, and much more.

Get it here:


Crush It by Kevin KronebergerTwitter || Source

Ginusto Family by maghrib Twitter || Source

12 Hand drawn Fonts and +1,000 other vintage resources for $34.

 If you’re constantly looking for the beautiful homesick vintage styles, this time you can stop for a while and check all the huge amount of resources including in this bundle. You can combine different elements and create infinite amount of results. This huge bundle include:

  • 190 editable vector templates
  • Over 560 vector elements from 46 different sets
  • 200 vintage vector illustrations
  • 12 gorgeous hand-drawn fonts with their original vector files
  • 100 frames and borders
  • 50 hand-drawn vector ornaments
  • 54 premium seamless patterns
  • 11 vector alphabet sets
  • 73 super high-resolution textures
  • 188 Photoshop and vector brushes
  • 6 incredible Photoshop Actions

It’s stuffed with $4,035 worth of super premium resources, but it can be yours for $39

Grab it here;


Life’s Short by WellsTwitter || Source

Girls Just Want To Have Fun by Breanna Speed